The Geneva Creativity Center has created a series of innovative activities, each with their specificities (company visits, brainstorming sessions, etc..). Through these concepts, GCC causes challenging and unique encounters between actors from industry and academia, where ideas are confronted and projects arise.

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Innovation Dialogues

The Innovation Dialogues are organized visits to companies which have been put forward by the GCC, and they include the participation of Geneva-based researchers and university teachers. These visits enable companies to formulate the specific innovations needed to maintain or improve their competitiveness.

These Innovation Dialogues have already produced many concrete results in the form of CTI projects, mandates, or dissertations and semester projects for university students.

Companies which took part in the Innovation Dialogues :




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The TechLunches are intended for anyone who is interested in new technologies and has experience and expertise to share. In a relaxed atmosphere during the lunch break, an original idea for a product or service is presented. The ensuing debates invite participants to imagine potential applications and business models to develop and commercialize the product or service. These exchanges are also useful to anticipate potential barriers to logistics and commercial deployment of these new ideas.

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OpenLabs enable the University and higher education institutions to present their research and technological innovations to R&D leaders in business and industry. Their goal is to identify the potential of this academic research and translate it into the creation of a commercial product or service, and also to collaborate in the use of specialised equipment developed or purchased by the universities for the research of local businesses.

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Experts Round Tables

These thematic discussion groups are part of a “top down” approach. They bring together domestic and foreign experts from various disciplines (professors, entrepreneurs, heads of R&D, and so on). They have strategic goals and strive to identify potential long-term innovation that can further increase Geneva’s competitive edge.

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Other Events

Apart from its series of activities – OpenLabs, TechLunches, Innovation Dialogues, Experts Round Tables – the Geneva Creativity Center organises or participates in numerous events. Conferences, shows, debates : everything to extend the action of the GCC even farther, enlarge the circle of experts and stimulate a little more the creativity in Geneva!

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